Since 1998, the State of Mississippi has actively nurtured the growth of a geospatial industry cluster. The Enterprise for Innovative Geospatial Solutions (EIGS) is the program that coordinates the activities of this cluster for the state. We work together with private companies, university research programs, state agencies, and complementary partner programs to research, develop, and market new geospatial technology products from Mississippi. Our primary mission is to grow a research-based, world-class geospatial technology industry in Mississippi.

EIGS objectives include:

  1. Provide business support and services to the high technology geospatial businesses, assisting the companies to rapidly enhance and increase their market share.
  2. Promote the cluster to the state, region, and nation increasing the overall visibility of Mississippi’s geospatial cluster and its members in order to establish Mississippi as the geospatial state.
  3. Facilitate networking opportunities among the cluster members and with other geospatial and technology organizations in the state.
  4. Recruit new, complementary businesses and talent to the state, enhancing the robustness of the cluster.
  5. Enhance infrastructure for product development, marketing, and sales.
  6. Promote and facilitate geospatial-related research collaborations among industry cluster companies and university researchers in order to build the geospatial research capacity in Mississippi.
  7. Encourage and support activities to ensure that an educated, well-trained workforce is available to address the growing development needs of this industry.