“What we are seeing here is unprecedented. This industry cluster has been methodically put together piece by piece. When the market forces kick in, this cluster is going to take off faster than others created by chance.”
Carl Schramm
Kauffman Foundation

“EIGS has largely been responsible for our ability to grow at such a rapid pace.”
Craig Harvey
Nvision Solutions

“We are excited to be associated with the EIGS group, which has helped small and large geospatial businesses reach government as well as private industry to introduce the latest geospatial technologies available.”
Larry Cowart
Project Manager
Michael Baker, Jr.

“By providing its members with both access to geospatial and remote sensing research as well as complementary business and marketing support, EIGS has created a network of support for the rising industry.”
Allen R. Hines II
Applied Geo Technologies, Inc.

“3001 has benefited by building relationships with the Mississippi university system, capitalizing on technology support and candidate recruiting for our growing staff requirements.”
Nancy McGee
Vice President
Intel Defense Solutions