EIGS provides business support and services to Mississippi’s geospatial businesses, assisting the companies to rapidly enhance and increase their market share.

EIGS provides its members with a number of valuable business services which include, but are not limited to:

  • Media support and outreach: EIGS assists in the development and distribution of press releases to assist you in getting your companies’ successes, achievements, and products out into the public. For 2007-08, EIGS generated press releases which resulted in 98 earned media articles from unique media outlets, such as: The Mississippi Business Journal, USA Today, The Clarion Ledger, The Sun Herald, The Stennis News, Directions Magazine, GIS Café’ News, just to name a few.
  • Conferences, Meetings, & Trade Shows: EIGS represents the cluster and its member companies at targeted conferences, meetings, and trade shows. This includes highlighting products and services provided by member companies.
  • Networking opportunities: The unique structure of EIGS provides partnering opportunities among its members. Companies with complementary products team to respond to customer’s needs in new and innovative ways by working together to fill gaps in each other’s business schemes and capabilities.
  • Assistance with procurement opportunities: EIGS monitors geospatial procurement opportunities for EIGS company members and shares information with individual companies as appropriate.
  • Administrative business support: EIGS provides administrative support including access to office furniture, communications equipment and supplies, technical support, and meeting rooms (specific to Stennis Space Center).
  • Marketing Studies: EIGS engages market analysis studies of potential geospatial technology applications that can be developed into marketable products by EIGS member companies.
  • Website: EIGS maintains a website which serves as a resource portal for the geospatial industry, including weekly news updates. As a member of EIGS, your company information will be prominently featured.
  • A monthly newsletter: The Sensor is the only monthly electronic newsletter in Mississippi dedicated to bringing the latest developments from Mississippi’s geospatial industry cluster. By being a member of EIGS, you have the opportunity to showcase your company’s latest news and developments in this monthly publication which is distributed to an audience of over 1,800 subscribers including academia, government, and private industry.

In addition:

  • EIGS promotes the cluster to the state, region, and nation increasing the overall visibility of Mississippi’s geospatial cluster and its members in order to establish Mississippi as the geospatial state.
  • EIGS facilitates networking opportunities among the cluster members and with other geospatial and technology organizations in the state.
  • EIGS recruits new, complementary businesses and talent to the state, enhancing the robustness of the cluster.